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Thread: RIP Maurice White- Earth, Wind & Fire

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    They’re a band I would have LOVED to have seen live!

    Nice use of Scanimate!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Progbear View Post
    They’re a band I would have LOVED to have seen live!

    Nice use of Scanimate!
    They still tour regularly.
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    Anyone else see any similarities between White and another cosmic lead singer?

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    RIP. Some timeless stuff on their first albums.

    Macht das ohr auf!


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    RIP Maurice White

    I love EWF. Great music and always such a positive vibe.

    Add astronaut Edgar D. Mitchell to our growing list of departures for 2016. Bummer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chescorph View Post
    Anyone else see any similarities between White and another cosmic lead singer?
    Yes indeed! Jon Anderson and Maurice White do share an interest in universal/cosmic lyrics. So sad over losing Maurice; I started listening to them in the early '70s (with 1972's "Last Days And Time") and followed them throughout their career. They helped a generation of fans keep their "Heads To The Sky". RIP Maurice White.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yamishogun View Post
    I was never a big fan as a tyke in the 70s but when they played on TV, my ears were glued and would always watch. Incredible.

    I knew a bartender in Japan who told me ten years ago that he played with EW&F. I thought he was putting me on, but he said he was serious. He's a very cool and sincere musician but could that be right? A back up guy for a few performances?
    It's possible. There were a LOT of people in EWF over the years. Maurice and Verdine White were the only guys who were involved with every album. Phillip Bailey joined for the third album and has been there ever since. Those three formed the core, with the rest of the group changing periodically, especially from the '80s on.

    RIP Maurice. He was a creative genius, and I consider EWF to have been almost of a genre of their own.

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    I'm very sad about this, being an EW&F fan. It was Maurice's band, even after he couldn't perform with them anymore. My brother (and only sibling) passed away from Parkinson's about a year and a half ago and I can tell you, it was a merciful release from a very debilitating disease. R.I.P. Maurice.

    There are many EW&F tracks I love, but this is my favorite. The intro is grandiose enough for a prog fan to appreciate, even if it isn't prog.

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    That's my fave as well! ^^^

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    Back in the day I used to loathe this kind of pop/disco music, but compared to todays pop/dance stuff EW&F sound like Mozart - RIP Maurice.


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