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Thread: Bass Players

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    Quote Originally Posted by kid_runningfox View Post
    One more to add to the list who really doesn't get the credit he deserves - the amazing Roberto Pagliari of Ohm and Ohmphrey:
    Pagliari also replaced Percy Jones (who recommended him personally) in BangTower when the latter participated in the reformed Brand X. Pagliari can be heard on BangTower's With n with Out and Hey, Where'd Everybody Go.

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    From Uriah Heep Gary Thain (already mentioned) but also Trevor Bolder and from Jethro Tull (Glen Cornick already mentioned) but also John Glascock. And from King Crimson (the great late John Wetton already mentioned) but also Boz Burrell.

    Gone but never forgotten.

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    How about:
    Mohini Dey (recently toured with Marco Minemman)
    Rhonda Smith (Jeff Beck)
    Benjamin Shepard (Alan Holdsworth)

    All incredibly over the top talents.

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    Cursory review, no Dave Hope? The definition of in the pocket bass player

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    Quote Originally Posted by saucyjackstl View Post
    Cursory review, no Dave Hope? The definition of in the pocket bass player

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    I personally love Bob Drake playing bass - Dave Willey is also a guy I like to listen to -

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    Quote Originally Posted by progeezer View Post
    As far away in playing style as is humanly possible from Chris, but there is, after all, Jack Casady. He had a style as unique as all of our treble-happy favorites.
    Here! Here!

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    Let's not forget Jack Bruce and John Entwistle


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