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    As far as those ELACs are concerned, a very good value, however to get the sound quality they can deliver as a 4 ohm speaker, a powered subwoofer and possibly a very good amp with power MOSFET outputs or maybe tubes are necessary.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Firth View Post
    Have you heard the ELAC Uni-Fi UF5 Floorstanding Speakers?
    I've heard them about half a dozen times!

    For $1000 the pair, saying they are a steal, is an understatement.

    All the ELAC's are a bargain, in any price range. Andrew Jones is great speaker designer, for sure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by simon moon View Post
    While 6 figure cables do tend to make the audiophile hobby look a bit silly, understand, that those kinds of products are the exception, not the norm.

    The vast majority of audiophile products, while arguably more expensive than they have to be, are based on solid technology. People tend to find companies making 'magic' wood blocks, or 'magic' stones, and then paint the entire audiophile industry with the same 'woo' broad brush.

    As a member of the Los Angeles and Orange County Audio Society, with several thousand members, I have had pretty extensive experience hearing systems from moderate price ranges, up through the extreme high end/high priced. And I can tell you, the kind of detail, dynamics, scale, harmonic accuracy, imaging and soundstaging that some of those extreme high end systems are capable of, is pretty astonishing.

    I've heard systems playing classical at full fortissimo, without strain or dynamic compression, where a triangle at the back of the orchestra can be heard as clear as day, with proper attach and decay, despite the volume of the rest of the orchestra, and it sounds like it is coming from behind the orchestra, 30' behind the speakers, just where it should. With all the instruments in their correct places in the soundstage, from front to back, and side to side. I've heard the same system reproducing a 3d image of a singer/guitarist, sitting on a stool between the speakers, with accurate size, with details like, the sound of their fingers touching the strings, not just the sound of the notes produced by the guitar, as most systems do.

    Did the multi-thousand dollar cables connecting these systems make any difference over cables costing many times less? Probably not. But that says nothing about the actual quality of the rest of the components (amps, preamps, speakers, DAC, etc) that do make a difference.

    But here's the thing, if someone can afford products of these prices, why begrudge them their enjoyment of buying them? If they can afford ridiculously priced cables, it's not like they are going to be skimping on other aspects of their lives.

    I hardly ever see people being ridiculed for spending $200K for a car. I mean surely a $60K Corvette will be almost as much fun to drive as a $200K Ferrari, and still get one to their destination in the same amount of time. And I'll bet that many of those people here, ridiculing audiophiles for their extravagances, will be the first to ooh and ah if they see a Ferrari parked on the street.

    I can't help but think that a certain amount of this ridiculing audiophiles comes from the place of "sour grapes".
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    Out here in the sticks the compensation for a micro peen is a big pickup truck with jacked up suspension (or duals).
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    ^ That's what I usually think of when I think of guys covering for their teenie peenie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Firth View Post
    Have you heard the ELAC Uni-Fi UF5 Floorstanding Speakers?
    Quote Originally Posted by Brent Butterworth/Home Theater Review, in the above review,
    ...after hearing all of usual test tracks during Jones's visit, I was dying to put on The Red Norvo Trio featuring Tal Farlow and Charles Mingus, a classic side from the early 1950s that I found in pristine condition at a record store in L.A. for $3.... even though it's mono.
    Sorry, I found this amusing. He might as well test speakers with a cassette.

    Quote Originally Posted by Brent Butterworth
    I heard a similar sense of wraparound on Brian Eno's Ambient 1: Music for Airports. In this recording, lots of reverb is added to the piano, so it sounds pretty spacious through almost any speaker. While the reverb added a sense of depth behind the speakers, the wraparound effect I got from the UF5 made this album more involving than it would be on an average set of speakers.
    Note: this is NOT Brian Eno's "Ambient 1." I also found this amusing.

    I also think I might miss that first octave:

    Quote Originally Posted by Frith
    however to get the sound quality they can deliver ... a powered subwoofer ... [may be] necessary.
    Sounds about right.
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