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Thread: Sound of Contact: New Progressive Rock Band with Simon Collins & Squids!

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    Sound of Contact: New Progressive Rock Band with Simon Collins & Squids!

    This just announced yesterday...

    December 12, 2012, Lightyears Music and Sonic Reality are proud to announce a new progressive rock band project, Sound of Contact. The brainchild of Simon Collins, Dave Kerzner, Kelly Nordstrom and Matt Dorsey, Sound of Contact have created a sound all of their own while paying serious homage to the greats of Prog rock and electronica. With a forthcoming concept album entitled “Dimensionaut”, producers Simon Collins and Dave "Squids" Kerzner along with mixing engineer Nick Davis (Genesis’ co-producer/engineer) unleash a collection of truly atmospheric science fiction inspired space rock!

    After making 3 solo albums Simon Collins, son of legendary musician Phil Collins, decided to try something he had always wanted to do. Ever since he was a child watching and air drumming along to his father’s band Genesis he dreamed about having a band of his own, a group of artists that shared a vision with whom he could collaborate with musically and lyrically. That band is now “Sound of Contact”. It features Simon Collins on vocals and drums, Dave Kerzner on keyboards, Matt Dorsey and Kelly Nordstrom each trading off duties on guitar and bass.

    With their debut album “Dimensionaut” they hit the road running with a deep concept album about a dimensional time and space traveler making new discoveries in alternate realities on a trek to expand the boundaries of the human experience. The album features a wide range of material from dark and mysterious progressive rock to romantic and high energy alternative rock songs. From atmospheric instrumental segues to melodic radio-friendly vocal tracks to the 18+ minute long epic grand finale “Dimensionaut” has a refreshing balance of adventurous musical styles and brings back the art of a concept album to a new generation of listeners.

    Visit the web site and get on the newsletter to be up to date on activity relating to Simon and the band. Both Simon and I recently contributed to Steve Hackett's Genesis Revisited 2 album (doing vocals and keys on Supper's Ready) and if you like that then you'll probably like the 18+ minute track at the end of "Dimensionaut"! Some nods to that in there.

    Here's the web site and here's the first video trailer for the album:

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    Trust you will keep us informed of progress here.


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    Right on Squids! I'm at jury duty today so I can't access the video trailer but will check it out upon my return to work come Monday. Looking forward to hearing this!

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    Very cool! And Nick Davis engineering! Science Fiction inspired space rock, huh? Sounds interesting.

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    Congratulations Dave! The video trailer sounds great! Pink Floyd meets Genesis! Can't wait to hear the whole album...Auto-buy. And you and Simon also did a great job on "Supper's Ready" for SH. Hope Steve will invite you up on stage in La Mirada. Best of luck!
    Day dawns now numbers infinity.

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    Thanks! I'm glad you like it. Signing up for the newsletter on the Sound of Contact web site is the best way to stay informed on that specifically. But, I make my way over here when I've got something particularly proggy to say.

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    Definitely looking forward to hearing this. Really enjoyed U-Catastrophe lots

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    Quote Originally Posted by Squids View Post
    I played on about half of that album and co-wrote one of the songs, the one with his dad drumming on the track (sadly one of the last times we'll hear Phil drum like that I'm afraid). It's called The Big Bang:

    Since that one was co-written by the two of us and the new "band album" has every track written by at least the two of us plus the other guys in the band it's perhaps something of a "seed" to the sound of the band. Some sci-fi-prog elements carried over anyway.
    Big Bang is a very fun track, always dug that one.

    I expect the next one will be at LEAST as enjoyable for me as U-Catastrophe was

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    Nice bit of "Echoes" seagull sound at 2:26.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bbernardini View Post
    Nice bit of "Echoes" seagull sound at 2:26.
    Indeedd, though that sound was first heard on Tommy.

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    I actually heard a real seagul make that sound BEFORE Tommy.

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    Space prog? I don't think I like that. Btw, do you guys have a facebook page?

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    I am very intrigued. Ever since Frost* I've loved the idea of prog-rock and electronica combined, just so that the "band" element is still there. Looking forward to it!

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    Sounds like a worthy project

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bbernardini View Post
    Nice bit of "Echoes" seagull sound at 2:26.
    Thanks. Those were some sounds that I originally did for Steven Wilson's Raider II track on his album "Grace For Drowning" which was recorded around the same time we started recording "Dimensionaut".
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    Quote Originally Posted by JIF View Post
    Space prog? I don't think I like that. Btw, do you guys have a facebook page?
    Yes. It's here:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Squids View Post
    I found it earlier today, and "liked" it.

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    Teaser's sounding really good. Looking forward to the debut.
    SymfoZone progressive rock radio show:

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    Pre-orders should start soon, I believe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boceephus View Post
    Pre-orders should start soon, I believe.
    Depends on a few things
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    The Facebook page url has changed to the actual name of the band.

    Btw we're talking about the possibility of playing some gigs with a couple other well known prog bands in Europe in the Spring. Just talking for the moment but that could be very interesting!

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    Might be touring in Europe this Spring with SOC along with some cool prog bands. I'll let you know as we get closer...
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    Really enjoyed the teasers and looking forward to getting this cd.

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    Thanks Rand. Glad you like it! We're very excited about it. Currently working on some more cool graphics that go along with the story which is a real trip.


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