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Thread: Dunnery, Kerzner, D'Virgilio... Celebrate 40th Anniversary of "The Lamb" with...

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    Dunnery, Kerzner, D'Virgilio... Celebrate 40th Anniversary of "The Lamb" with...

    Had to share this bit of news on PE.

    Francis Dunnery, Dave Kerzner and Nick D'Virgilio Celebrate The Lamb's 40th!

    This November Francis Dunnery (formerly of It Bites), Dave Kerzner (formerly of Sound of Contact, Kevin Gilbert), Nick D'Virgilio (Genesis - Calling All Stations, TFF, BBT, Spocks Beard, Kevin Gilbert) and other guest musicians are putting out a special tribute to Genesis in celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the classic Progressive Rock album "The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway". The single "In The Cage" will be made available for download this month with a follow up of the entire album expected to be released in early 2015. This special tribute to the picturesque album is done in a "classic rock-meets-modern film score" style combining authentic vintage instruments from the 70s (including sounds recorded at Genesis' studio with engineer Nick Davis) along with a full orchestra.

    The album and bonus tracks feature Francis Dunnery on lead vocals and Dave Kerzner on keyboards (both have participated on Steve Hackett's acclaimed Genesis Revisited 2 album) along with a stellar cast of musicians including Nick D'Virgilio, Billy Sherwood (Yes), Steve Rothery (Marillion), Lee Pomeroy (It Bites, Steve Hackett), Dan Hancock (Giraffe), Martin Levac (The Musical Box), Nad Sylvan (Steve Hackett) and more!

    Sonic Elements featuring Francis Dunnery "In The Cage" teaser clip on Sound Cloud:

    You can follow my Sonic Elements project on Facebook for more upcoming news:

    News from Francis:
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    Dave, Can you please double check the link? Soundcloud isn't bringing it up.

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    You think they meant picaresque instead of picturesque?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JKL2000 View Post
    You think they meant picaresque instead of picturesque?
    Holy crap! Edited. Thanks for pointing that out!

    Btw here is the correct link: Somehow when I copy and pasted it the URL got shortened.
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    To make up for my fried brain here's another link sneak peek (from the album)!

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    These sound great. I saw a Youtube video of a guy doing the Colony of Slippermen does not look easy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leibowitz View Post
    These sound great. I saw a Youtube video of a guy doing the Colony of Slippermen does not look easy.
    Thanks. Slippermen is the hardest track on there (at least for keys). When we played that at Progfest in '94 with Giraffe/Kevin Gilbert, I had an itch on my nose during the song and had to quickly scratch it and get back to playing. A few other things happened like my Arp had the setting from Back in NYC and I had to quickly change it while still arpeggiating with both hands... Tony went to town on those parts! But, he was brilliant. They all were for coming up with this (and other albums as well of course).

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    Yeah...I'm just learning keys and this video gave a close look at all of the parts that go on..Raven, etc...The only time I took a breath was when the guy finally put his left hand away for what seemed like 5 seconds to start the solo with the right. Tony's chord phrasing and textures are amazing. Big fan of his compositions. Inspiring musician. Best of luck with the whole thing. It will be great.

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    Happy Birthday Lamb!
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    Somebody's gotta ask it...

    Where's Billy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 3LockBox View Post
    Somebody's gotta ask it...

    Where's Billy?
    You mean what tracks does Billy play on? I have to remember which ones he's on. I know Lilywhite Lilith is one (and he also sang an alternate version of that and the title track which will be some of the bonus material along with "Chamber of 32 Doors" which Nad Sylvan sang and Steve Hackett told me that's the audition recording, the one I did with him, that got him the gig with Genesis Revisited 2 album and tour! Cool huh? I am happy for him and glad that worked out. It was because of things like this and hooking Steve up with Francis that caused Steve to offer to guest on my album to "return the favor" so to speak.).

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    Quote Originally Posted by firth5th View Post
    Great vids! Love it. I have an RMI. Boy that thing is one heavy beast for a one/two trick pony. An electric piano with no velocity! Crazy. Matt plays the intro precisely here. Because there's no velocity it's easy to hit a wrong note and it be audible. The Arp ProSoloist is also a bit tricky too (easy to hit a wrong note because of the way it prioritizes vs. a Minimoog which somehow almost always remains musical... the Arp ProSoloist almost REQUIRES you to play like Tony! haha)

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    Looking forward to it!

    Where Are They Now? Yes news:
    Blogdegezou, the accompanying blog:

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    I just saw this here:

    Congrats, another great project.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Firth View Post
    I just saw this here:

    Congrats, another great project.
    Thanks! We're doing a few unexpected extra things with it as well when the album comes out. Some Proggy surprises.


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