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Thread: Rush, Dream Theater and more......

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    Yes -- Symphonic Music Of Yes (featuring Anderson, Bruford, Howe and symphony and choir) $6

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    Kiss -- Killers (1982 German import compilation) $13


    Asia- Aqua promo poster $12
    These are gone......

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    Toy Matinee (Kevin Gilbert...original issue/not remastered) $10

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    Quote Originally Posted by ytserush View Post
    U2 -- Lemon Remixes ( 5 Track Yellow vinyl STILL SEALED) $80
    Now $75

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    Billy Joel -- The Stranger (1998 remaster with bonus videos) $5

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    Rush - Archives (3LP set of first three albums. VERY RARE black cover(Not the more common gray one)) Very Good/Very Good -- $20


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    Rush -- The Spirit Of Radio/The Trees/Working Man Rare US Promo 12 inch VG/VG has "Property of James Grabowska" stamped on cover. Side two has some light scuffing) --$10

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    Snakes And Arrows U.S. promo CD collection
    Far Cry
    The Larger Bowl
    Working Them Angels (Studio/Live)

    All 4 for $115

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    Rush 2007 Calendar (still sealed) $4

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    When Dream And Day Unite press kit $60

    Press kit includes When Dream And Day Unite advanced cassette One page (two-sided) biography with first album logo on top
    Photo ( Black and White 8X10) horizontal.

    The color photo can be seen at the top of page 163 of the most recent Lifting Shadows book or on page 34 of the Images Book in the first Lifting Shadows edition.)

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    I decided I'm breaking up my Dream Theater Black Clouds and

    Silver Linings Box Set.Black Clouds and Silver Linings 2LP set (with inner sleeves only there was no proper cover) $10

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    Gong -- Polictico Historico Spirito (1994 sampler CD with 26+ page booklet on Gong's History through 1990) $5

    Mason Profit -- Bare Back Rider (One Way Records 2000 reissue) $4

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    Rolling Stone's Continuous History of Rock and Roll 2LP Radio show (Broadcast March 3, 1984 over ABC Rock Radio, No cover. Show features music and interviews with Rush, Billy Squier, Ian Hunter and Pete Townshend. If you're into nostalgia, have a turntable, or are a collector, this is for you. $12
    This is gone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ytserush View Post
    Here's one you don't see often.

    Rush-2112 CD (8228452M-1 "Atomic" Made in USA) $10 (Some people prefer this to all versions except for the Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs and original Anthem discs).

    Now $8


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