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Thread: Just Heard Buckethead for first time! Any thoughts or fans??

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    Quote Originally Posted by MYSTERIOUS TRAVELLER View Post
    wow... just... awesome

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    I always used to use Buckethead for excersising but these days its always TFATD

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    Buckethead coming to Charlotte NC Wed May 9th..Strongly considering buying a ticket..

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    Quote Originally Posted by MYSTERIOUS TRAVELLER View Post
    yep... same here.

    He has something like 100 albums out and each album varies from Rock to Metal to Ambient to Electronic to Avant to Acoustic
    Try 306- guy is a little insane, for sure. I really enjoy about half of what I have heard, which for me is a pretty good ratio.

    I first heard him through the Laswell stuff. I think he works best with a really strong band around him.


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