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A paucity of Prog...

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Here I sit barricaded into my study with my furperson alternating between sleeping on "his" chair and perforating my leg as an attention getting device. So far, I've only a few new (at least to me) bands to report on.

First is an English composer with collaborators that records under the monicker of "Willowglass" and the CD I have been exposed to is entitled, Book of Hours. It is keyboard driven, and very pleasant. One fun part is that the keyboard player has a gift for capturing exactly the sound settings used by various other famous keyboard players and sprinkling them into the pieces; causing you to wrack your brain for the song you've heard it in before.

Second is a german guitarist/composer named Thomas Glonkler with several CDs already under his belt. Some are guitar instrumentals that really reflect his own stylistic touch. To my ear, I cannot say "He sounds like..." because he doesn't! He also has a CD entitleed Goldstadt. This CD features vocals and is a concept album dealing with the legacy of a town in Germany that had existed since medieval days and had been known for its jewelry and clock production. It was targeted during the second world war and the old parts of the city were bombed out of existence. This CD deals with the day of the raid, and the lasting consequences and lost heritage. Putting aside any historical editorializing, it is a very well written album and conveys emotion both through the music and through the vocals (and lyrics if you translate them). I highly recommend it.

Lastly, I have heard this band called "The future kings of england." I know absolutely nothing about them other than what I heard on a disc loaned to me (which I promptly copied and will try to find at Music Millenium; my favorite "brick and mortar" CD shop.) What I have is instrumental, guitar oriented, and seems to flow from surf guitar into Genesis-like complexity and majesty. I must discover more about them.

Apart from that, like many of us, I await the arrival of my newly ordered Oblivion Sun CD...

Prog On!


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  1. Duncan Glenday's Avatar
    Nice blog entry. The Future Kings Of England has been a favorite of mine for a while - in fact "The Viewing Point" was my favorite album of 2009.
  2. Rarebird's Avatar
    I only know Thomas Glonkler for his work with Icu, which is nice.
  3. LEG-art's Avatar
    Willowglass has another album out- The Dream Harbour! It's quite good.