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Wear Red

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So today I guess is "wear red day" .. something about women's heart health awareness? Well, I wore red, so that means women won't get heart disease anymore. Not being a woman, I think I'm still screwed, but whatever.

Anyway, to make this tangentially related to progressive rock, I listened to a few red-related prog items at work today. I started with Rush's "Hold Your Fire" (lots of red on that cover!), and got bored about halfway through. "Time Stand Still" and "Prime Mover" are cool songs, though. Then I spun (or, uh, whatever the smartphone equivalent is thereof) King Crimson's "Red" .. and yeah, 15 years after discovering this wonderful (and wonderfully terrifying) music, it's still the real deal. "Starless" is about as good as it gets.

Maybe I should have eaten all those potato chips and mini chewy sweet-tarts, though.

Hey, if I'm second-guessing that, does that mean the awareness is working at least a little bit?

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