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  1. KiNG LLAMA is new to ProgEars!

    Hi everybody!

    We humbly say hello to all fellow progers. We are enjoying the discussions here. We are an instrumental prog fusion band from Los Angeles called KING LLAMA. We are in the process of making our sophomore record. We've recently done a few live studio sessions and here are some links for your enjoyment:

    We made a debut record 2 years ago, and invite ...
  2. Corvus Stone Unscrewed

    It's about time I added this info here.
    Anybody who bought Corvus Stone 1 or 2, are invited to accept our 3rd album free. The reasons are here on the video

    Release date for new buyers - 28th July 2015
    We think that you will enjoy this short snappy album, with it's average Dynamic Range of 13 (No idea what that means?) .. Time to google it then!
  3. Intentional Trainwreck's the Accident is now streaming

    Hello and good day!

    Intentional Trainwreck has their new CD streaming and available for your enjoyment. It is named the Accident. Please take a listen if you are in the mood for some heavy, aggressive prog with some occasional gnarly grunts. This recording features Patrick Gaffney on drums, Mike Galway on bass guitar and Pete Lesko on electric and classical guitar and vox. You can stream it from here:

    Thanks! Hope you enjoy it! ...
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  4. Drifting Sun New Album

    Hey guys

    We're Drifting Sun, we're a studio-based prog-ject featuring me on keys and a bunch of guys I have met online, that's our new current line-up!

    We've just completed our new album (third one), it's called Trip the Life Fantastic, and if any of you guys wanna take a peak at our tunes, try our soundcloud page: to listen to us... we have included links to all the other places where our music can be streamed or downloaded, so please ...
  5. New Album Progeland ~ Gate To Fulfilled Fantasies

    Melodic Revolution Records is proud to announce the new Progeland ~ Gate To Fulfilled Fantasies

    Progeland was founded in 2007 by one man’s vision of a brighter and better world, The man is Petri “Lemmy” Lindström. In 2011 Progeland self released an EP which gained them some rave reviews in Finland, fast forward to 2014 and the band completed recording their first full length album Gate To Fulfilled Fantasies,” featuring eight new tracks.

    “Gate To Fulfilled Fantasies,” ...