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  1. On 31st July 2014, Scandinavians in Mexico was released.

    Corvus Stone II is a tad under 80 minutes again. We were told off for doing too much last time but we can only give our deepest apologies for doing what we do.
    We have a video. It is a cartoon. The difference from most cartoons, is that this was painted frame by frame, no special software or automation etc. All done by Sonia Mota. We hope some of you will give it the complete 5 minutes it deserves. it's fun!
    This track has Sean Filkins on Vocals and... well the info is in the ...

    Updated 07-31-2014 at 04:14 PM by Colin Tench (Adding a little more (inexperience!))

  2. Radio shows, free streaming and forums on Naytheet's website

    Hi and very welcome anyone to Prog People here :

    Dealing with anti-corruption threads and progressive music.
    Free radio shows, and free music footage by registering the forum.

    It seems about time to let people hear a tiny bit of the new CORVUS STONE album. So I will!
    It will be too long again. Ha ha!

    Updated 07-24-2014 at 07:39 PM by Colin Tench

  4. Mike Keneally Show in Philly UPDATE!!

    This just in:

    Mike Keneally with Greg Bendian and Doug Lunn show at Milkboy kicked up to a whole new level!!

    THE SLICKS (Julie Slick and Eric Slick) have just been added to the bill this Friday, May 23rd at Milkboy in Philadelphia along with Out of the Beardspace. This is going to be a KILLER show!! Please spread the word everywhere you're able to. ... 21+
  5. Steve Hacket tickets for Friday Oct 11 @ Keswick

    After two cancellations in our party, I am left with two unclaimed tickets for Friday night's performance of the Steve Hackett Genesis Revisited tour at the Keswick Theater in Glenside, PA. I am asking face value - $75 each. They are in the right side row GG seats 10 and 12. The seating starts at AAA thru CCC then AA, etc., so only 10 rows from stage! If interested, call Jack at 610-533-3417.
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